10 Pandora charms Disney fans will love

Disney bracelet with charms

Disney fans tend to be very passionate: they have their favourite character that they know everything about, they have their favourite songs that they know all of the words to, and they have their favourite films that they know they’ll love forever. They also tend to be loud and proud, showing their love by publicly counting down to their next Disneyland trip, and wearing the latest merch.

Here at Gift and Wrap, we stock the Pandora Disney collection, which includes a whole host of presents that would work wonderfully for a friend or relative that loves the films. You could customise one of our Pandora bracelets or, if you know your loved one already has one, treat them to one of our Pandora Disney charms to make it extra-special. Here are our top picks to help you choose the perfect one!

Show some love with Mickey and Minnie

First and foremost, why not treat your loved one to a charm that takes us back to where it all began? Mickey and Minnie Mouse are the king and queen of Disney, which means a true fan will absolutely love any charm that they appear on. But, the design of this particular one is centred around love, which means it would make the perfect present for someone you adore.

Surprise them with a magic carpet ride

Many Disney fans count Aladdin among their favourite films, and with good reason: it has some great characters, a fantastic storyline, and some absolutely beautiful songs. If you know your friend or relative has always dreamed of being Princess Jasmine, they’re sure to be impressed by a gift that reminds them of the film’s most iconic scene. And, as the live-action version of Aladdin will be in cinemas soon, now is the perfect time to pick this charm.

Send them to the ball with a beautiful carriage

Most wannabe Disney princesses have dreamed of being transported to the ball in Cinderella’s pumpkin coach, which is why this charm makes such a fantastic present. It has a particularly impressive design, too, as it’s made from sterling silver, with a 14ct gold crown, and decorated with sparkling cubic zirconia stones. It’s certainly a carriage fit for a princess!

Say Heigh-Ho with the Seven Dwarfs

The Seven Dwarfs are some of Disney’s best-loved characters, and it’s easy to see why. Not only do they all have their own personalities, but they’re all incredibly helpful, and great friends to have around. So, if you want to ensure you loved one knows that they always have a friend in you, this could be a subtle way of showing them. And it has a quirky look that will inject a dash of fun into their bracelet, as well.

Let Cinderella make all their dreams come true

If you think your friend or relative would like to give more of a subtle nod to their Disney fandom, this pretty charm with a much-loved Cinderella quote should fit the bill perfectly. Not only will the inscription hopefully help to inspire your loved one to follow their dreams, but the charm itself is beautifully decorated with light blue sparkling stones, and would make a great addition to any bracelet.

Show them the wonderful thing about Tiggers

We stock a lot of charms that celebrate some of the newer films that have come out as of late, but some of our favourites are those that commemorate the classics that have been adored for decades. If your friend or relative enjoys the timelessness of Winnie the Pooh, treating them to a lovely little charm to remind them of the wonderful thing about Tiggers could be a great move. He even comes with his own little present — a lovely pink flower the recipient will be able to cherish forever.

Send a dress fit for a princess

Most Disney fans have wondered what life as a Disney princess would be like, so why not give your loved one a taste of their dream by sending them a charm modelled on Belle’s dress? The yellow ballgown she wears to dance with the Beast is absolutely iconic and would make a beautiful addition to any Pandora bracelet. It’s even engraved with Belle’s name to make it extra-special.

Show them you care with Mary Poppins

There’s a lot of buzz around Mary Poppins at the moment, thanks to the recent release of the new film. So, if your loved one has been swept up in the hype, this monochrome charm is bound to make the perfect present for them. Plus, with it’s black and white design, it has more of a classic look, which means it might be the ideal choice for older or more reserved Disney fans who prefer understated jewellery.

Go for a classic with Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse charm

              Mickey Portrait Charm (£35)

If you know your friend or relative loves Disney but can’t be sure of their favourite film, or you want to get them a charm that’s guaranteed to stand the test of time, you can’t go wrong with Mickey Mouse. This charm will work particularly well for those who prefer to be subtle with their accessories, as it’s quirky, but still quite understated.

Grant their wish with a Magic Lamp

Who wouldn’t want to receive a magic lamp that can make all of their dreams come true? This Aladdin-themed charm mightn’t actually contain a genie, but it does hold a little secret that you can find by flipping open the lid. Made from 18ct gold-plated silver and decorated with sparkling stones, it’s also a particularly luxurious choice.

If you’re looking to treat or congratulate a Disney fan, all of the charms you see here would make the perfect present. If you’re still considering your options, you could also browse our entire range of Pandora charms for more inspiration, where you’ll all find pieces from our Pandora Shine and Spring Collections.

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