5 themes that are perfect for your next Pandora bracelet

pandora family bracelet with charms

The beauty of Pandora bracelets is that they can be completely personalised. This makes them ideal for when you want jewellery that reflects your personality or interests. Plus, they make fantastic gifts, as you can tailor one to suit your loved one perfectly.

Whether you’re buying Pandora jewellery for yourself, a friend, or a relative, choosing a theme can help to narrow your charm options down, and ensure that your bracelet has a cohesive look. Here, we’re going to highlight some of our favourite Pandora bracelet themes to give you some inspiration, and we’ll show you some of the best Pandora charms that are in keeping with these themes.


If you’re a huge fan of Disney or know that your loved one has a soft spot for the films, this can work wonderfully as a theme for your bracelet. Whether Aladdin is your favourite, or you’re obsessed with Minnie and Mickey, we’ll have the perfect charms for you in our Pandora Disney collection.

selection of disney charms

  1. Magic Carpet Ride Charm (£45), 2. Mickey and Minnie with Love Pendant Charm (£60), 3. Mary Poppins Silhouette Charm (£55), 4. Wish Upon a Star Charm (£60), 5. Tinker Bell’s Dress Pendant Charm (£55)

Life milestones

Because there are so many charms designed to celebrate life events and special occasions, Pandora bracelets are perfect for charting your greatest achievements and milestones. So, if you have a reason to celebrate, or you want to congratulate a friend or relative, we’ll have the perfect charm for the job!

selection of milestone charms

  1. Baby Pram Charm (£35), 2. 21 Years of Love Pendant Charm (£40), 3. Graduate Owl Charm (£45) 4. Wedding Day Charm (£80), 5. Perfect Home Pendant Charm (£45)


If family is your number one priority, or you know that the recipient of your bracelet is very family-oriented, we have a range of charms that you’re bound to love! We have designs that celebrate mothers, grandparents, kids, and more. So, we’re sure you’ll be able to create the perfect piece of jewellery to celebrate those closest to you.

selection of pandora family charms

  1. Family Book Pendant Charm (£45), 2. Forever Sisters Pendant Charm (£45), 3. Grandpa Charm (£45) 4. Mother Heart Charm (£35), 5. Perfect Family Pendant Charm (£55)

Animals and nature

If you’re outdoorsy, or you’re looking to buy the perfect gift for someone who is, we have a range of animal and nature-themed charms that will work incredibly well. Our collection includes everything from quirky dog to stylish butterfly and honey bee charms. So, we’re sure you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect piece to suit your needs and style.

selection of pandora nature charms

  1. Labrador Puppy Pendant Charm (£35), 2. Enchanted Garden Glass Murano Charm (£40), 3. Honeybee Charm (£40) 4. Spinning Tree of Life Pendant Charm (£45), 5. Blue Butterfly Wing Charm (£40)

Hobbies and interests

Looking to buy the perfect piece of jewellery to honour a loved one’s interests? We have a whole host of hobby Pandora charms that are bound to fit the bill. Whether your friend or relative is a keen cyclist, gardener, photographer, or music fan, we’re sure to have a selection of charms that are going to celebrate that wonderfully.

selection of pandora hobby charms

  1. Brilliant Bicycle Pendant Charm (£55), 2. Camper Van Charm (£35), 3. Blooming Watering Can Charm (£45) 4. Pink Headphones Pendant Charm (£40), 5. Sentimental Snapshots Camera Charm (£40)

When you’re buying a Pandora bracelet for yourself or a loved one, stick to one of these themes and you can’t go wrong. We stock lots more jewellery from Pandora, as well. So, if you would like more inspiration, be sure to browse our collections of Pandora rings, necklaces, and earrings too.

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