3 tips for choosing the perfect gift for Mother’s Day 2020

mothers day ideas 2020

This year, Mother’s Day falls on Sunday 22 March, which doesn’t leave you with a huge amount of time to pick out the perfect present for the occasion. To help you out, we’ve put together this blog post, which will make the gift-buying process as quick and easy as possible. If you’re not sure what kind of present will show your mum just how much you love and appreciate her, take these tips on board — they’ll be sure to point you in the right direction.

Take hints from what she usually wears

When you’re picking out jewellery for anyone, the best tip we can give is to pay attention to what they already wear. Look at what kinds of pieces they feel comfortable in — for example, your mum might wear a necklace every day, but never a bracelet — and pay attention to what kinds of metals they gravitate towards. If you’re buying for someone who never strays away from silver jewellery, it’s best to avoid picking out a rose- or gold-toned gift. It won’t go with the rest of her accessories, and it might just not be to her taste.

Taking hints from the types of jewellery your mum already wears can take a lot of the guess work out of treating her to something new.  

Mark the occasion with some mum-specific jewellery

While there’s no harm in buying a simple piece of jewellery you know your mum will love, why not make it extra-special by going with the Mother’s Day theme? Here at Gift and Wrap, we stock a selection of different Pandora and Olivia Burton accessories that are ideal for this.

A Pandora charm can make the perfect gift if your mum already has a bracelet (or you could always treat her to both). Some of the charms in our collection even come in two parts, so you can have one half, and your mum can keep the other!

Or, if you’re looking for something a bit different, an Olivia Burton bracelet or necklace will work wonderfully. Our full Pandora Mother’s Day collection is also well worth a browse if you need more inspiration. And, if you do decide to go down the Pandora route, you’ll be happy to hear that we’re running a promotion until 22 March, which means you can choose a free Pandora bracelet when you spend £125–£145 (Ts & Cs apply).

Send nothing but love

If you still want to send lots of love to your mum this Mother’s Day, but don’t want to be so on-the-nose about it, perhaps some heart-themed jewellery would be more suitable. We have a whole host of different pieces that fit this description here at Gift and Wrap, from Pandora earrings and rings, to ChloBo bracelets, and Olivia Burton earrings. Plus, there’s even a Pandora love and hearts themed collection that’s full of stylish and thoughtful accessories. There’s sure to be something that will suit your mum perfectly.

Take these tips onboard and you’ll find it much easier to pick out a beautiful present that will remind your mum how special she is. We also offer a professional gift-wrapping service, which allows you to add a card with a personal message. So, if you do buy any of our Mother’s Day pieces, why not take advantage of that to make your present even more impressive?

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